Nursing Foreign Domestic Helper Hiring Service


“Ageing in Place” allows the elderly to age comfortably in a familiar environment, avoiding anxiety and discomfort associated with living in unfamiliar surroundings. It also helps slow down the decline in the physical and cognitive abilities of the elderly. The presence of suitable caregivers is a crucial aspect of “Ageing in Place.”


Click Services has always been dedicated to providing high-quality and thoughtful care services. We have now added professional hiring services, including handling overseas Filipino maid applications, local contract completion for Filipino maids, and handling procedures for designated Filipino maid renewals/transfers. We have a large number of experienced caregivers to help alleviate the pressure of care.


Click Services closely collaborates with local training centres, rigorously selecting foreign maids with household and caregiving experience, nursing qualifications, good character, and a passionate attitude to share your household and caregiving responsibilities.



Service Characteristics

Our foreign maid services cover a seamless process from local training to arrival in Hong Kong:

  • Overseas health checks

·  Consulate contract verification

  • Hong Kong Immigration Department work visa application
  • One-way airfare to Hong Kong up to $1,500, including departure and airport taxes


  • Translation and consultation on labour laws for maids within the contract period

  • Two years of dedicated follow-up and counselling services

  • Personal arrangements upon the maid’s arrival in Hong Kong



  • Elderly care guidance

  • Professional caregivers recognized by the government provide guidance on elderly care skills at home, reducing the employer’s stress 

  • offer suitable care advice based on your home conditions and facilities.


We also offer "optional enrichment services" to make foreign maids better suit your needs:

Elderly care training

Comprehensive training in elderly care skills and knowledge provided by professional caregivers.

Newborn baby care training

Experienced doula / babysitter provide on-site training in newborn and prenatal care skills.