Care Workers Import Service

The aging problem of Hong Kong’s population is serious, in order to ease the shortage of manpower in local nursing homes, the government has specially launched the “Special Scheme to Import Care Workers for Residential Care Homes”. To support the implementation of this measure, Click Services has added a one-stop “Care Workers Import Service” to help you easily solve the problem of manpower shortage.

Service Benefit

Up to 2 year work period

Save manpower resources

Thoughtful follow-up on application procedures

The average monthly service fee is only
(Based on each successfully imported care worker; Service contract for 24 months)
Special promotion:

Bulk application (5 / 10 or more) average monthly service fee as low as $349 / $333

Imported Care Worker Help You Save Operating Costs

Up to $37,000 saving per year

Imported Care Worker (24 months)

Basic Monthly Salary + Service fee above

Local Care Worker (24 months)

Basic monthly salary + Other basic benefits
**Based on current market salary